My Contribution to Debian, 2013-6

DM uploads:
 - Allowed by Thijs Kinkhorst:
    php-http, php-net-ldap, php-net-socket,  php-net-url

- Allowed by Thomas Goirand:
   php-cache-lite, php-calendar, php-html-template-it,
   php-net-dime, php-net-sieve, php-services-weather,
   php-soap, php-mdb2-driver-mysql, php-mdb2-driver-pgsql

ITP (Accepted):
 - ruby-mongo/1.9.0-1, ruby-bson-ext/1.9.0-1, sponsor by Cédric Boutillier

Team upload :
 - ruby-bson/1.9.0-1, sponsor by Cédric Boutillier

RC bugs:
 #710718 python-heatclient: Fails to build from source: depends on python-argparse


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